November 13, 2010

Well yes, after 25 years, I suppose in a nutshell, that's what's I do.

The post title referred to an anecdote I have since deleted. I sometimes forget that just because civilians ask questions that I consider astounding, it doesn't mean I need to rat them out to the world at large. It was a good anecdote too.

Today is a wallpaper removal day, although it is gorgeous out, so it may be a wallpaper removal night. I will also be jpegging my pretty little paintings and offering them up for sale at Smaller Works later in the day tomorrow. I like them. They're reminding me of my painting a day project I did a few years ago. I have completed 16 so far, experimenting with different surfaces. I think for this particular project, I'll end up sticking with gessoboard, but I'm not sure.

Today is a running day.
Distance: 1.46 miles
Pace: 10:58
I shaved 20 seconds off my time. At first this surprised me, but I cramped up at the end, so yes, I think I may have pushed a little harder today.  


Steven LaRose said...

Will M. Thackston Addie please contact me when "smaller works" has some content? I would be interested in linking from my Teresa Sloven page. Sincerely, your friend and mine,

Carla said...

If you're just itching to tell your antedote, I'm just an e-mail away. I caught the first line and a half on my blog dashboard.

Nomi Lubin said...

Yeah, that's really a tease.