November 26, 2010

My Sisyphean chess game, called Home.

In an effort to focus more on art than the tedium of everyday life, I'm going to try and post the art content first. Since my thought process doesn't always flow this way, I'll resort to cut and paste, as demonstrated below.

I needed to dig out some paintings for something next year and discovered a painting which I thought I had either lost or destroyed during the packing and moving of last spring. It was a difficult painting, one of the ones that I classify as being one step away from total demise, but by some stroke of apathy and uncertainty, I don't get around to actually destroying. Sometimes, I like these paintings the absolute most, but usually not until much, much later. Hence, I generally promise myself not to destroy these particular breed of failures.

My run today was so pathetic, I can't even bring myself to report my mileage and/or my pace. I'm certain the restaurant we ate at yesterday slipped MSG into something I ate, because I was headachey and puffyface and feel kind of hungover today.

I've been working on the living room. It's like I live in a large chess game. Today I removed two pieces of furniture. It's not like they're disappearing into thin air either, I simply place them somewhere else. The stereo is still not hooked up, but it's at least off the floor and looking like it could be hooked up. I was going to ditch one of the sofas but since no one has responded to my ad on craigslist,  I threw a dropcloth on top of it, and suddenly felt more at home.


Nomi Lubin said...

Interesting. I'm at my mother's house and today I pulled out old "failures" to reuse. Five or so are about 2-1/2 years old; one is almost ten years old. I hope that's long enough . .. :o

I am very glad you did not destroy this one, however.

Carla said...

I really like this painting.