November 08, 2010


I ran today for the first time in forever. I'm agitated about some business stuff. For the record, here's the flowchart: Make Painting > Sell Painting > Get Paid > Pay Bills > Make Paintings >

When there's a snag in the first three steps of this process, I tend to obsess, sometimes more than others depending on where the snag is and the nature of the snag. That's why it's called a flowchart after all. Hence, running was a good outlet today. Also, after 5 months, I am terribly remiss in applying for my health insurance here, and though I am not in danger of tipping the scales, I haven't been very good with exercise. Something about filling out a health insurance app was a good motivator as well.  Shortly after I first arrived, I bought a package of 10 classes at a yoga studio. For some reason I felt like the awkward 6-year-old I used to be when I took ballet and inadvertently let my class package expire. The difference now would be that I don't hide under the dashboard of the car and scream about not wanting to go to ballet class.

Still working on the wallpaper strip-down. Arduous. I'm also toying with the idea of making some nice abstract paintings that are more universally pleasing to people in universes other than the one in which I reside most of the time. Every time I do something which is against my very nature, I end up learning something and surprising myself, so who knows?

This might not look like a hill, but since I'm just getting back to running after a long hiatus, it is. I believe it's roughly a 30' increase in elevation from the bottom to the top of the hill. I walked it in order to be kind to my knees.
And this might not look like a tree a 49-year old grown woman would be tempted to climb, but it is, and no, I didn't. 


Steven LaRose said...

I hear ya sister

Nomi Lubin said...

Um, that hill looks like a hill.