January 25, 2008

things change

works in progress....

The one on the left... as it stands now.

The one on the right... as it stands now.

It's possible they will still change, but for now I've stopped.


I made it to art fair #1 today, The LA Artshow at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica. This is the fair that exhibits, "a myriad of fine art from the 17th century to the present." The present is mostly 20th century, but I saw some nice paintings.

I was there in time for David Pagel's
panel discussion with Michael Minelli, Stephanie Pryor, and William Ransom, called, Surreptitiously Yours: Art Politics and Do It Yourself Anger Management. I found myself nodding in agreement with most of what was discussed. Overall the discussion brought up ways in which politics are just bubbling under the surface of some of "today's most compelling work." Some interesting questions were brought up, ranging from the extent to which art is political- Michael Minelli's answer that simply making art is a political act, (I strongly agree) to, "Can you make art while actually angry, and if so, is it any good?" (No, was the consensus.) Pryor talked about her work as being emotive. This was refreshing to hear. I back away from discussing emotion in my work-it's the elephant in the room. I even went so far as to ban pure red from my palette as a fail-safe. I've UNapologetically brought red back in my current paintings, but no matter what, I will not pick up a paintbrush if I am pissed off about anything. It's a waste. It's too akin to throwing a tantrum, which is childish, and which begs the proverbial "my two-year-old could do that." Channeling a tantrum, on the other hand, requires control and concentration. So yep, anger management, the key to building tomorrow's future today.