November 04, 2010

I am funny and I don't even try.

Behold, the mesmerizing video of me stripping wallpaper. The video ended when the camera ran out of memory. I strip wallpaper, just like I paint. If you have 7 minutes to kill, watch it. The money shot is at the end, but you have to watch the whole video in real time for the payoff. I can easily call this art because it's almost identical to the videos I did in grad school. Sometimes I miss making video. 

Someone asked for any words of wisdom I had on being full-time working artist. I haven't had a chance to respond thoughtfully. Mostly I sit around and pretend I'm a full-time artist. So far, so good. 


Carla said...

That was mesmerizing even without the money shot. I can't believe the timing on that.

And context is everything on this one, you do have to watch the whole thing.

Carla said...

Also, I am often impatient with (and even a little hostile towards) video art, but find this delightful in that context.

M.A.H. said...

I seem to have a knack for deadpan banality and the timing was uncanny. Thanks for watching. It occurred to me to make the video when you suggested I might "try removing from a different direction," as though I were approaching this wallpaper thing methodically. whoo boy, I got a good laugh on that.