January 10, 2016

I'm reading a good book. I had a bad dream my first night back, and the opening was great.

I extended my stay in ATL because it was a solo and I felt I deserved an extra night out of town. I like reading in hotel beds and waking up in semi-dark rooms two hours past my 6AM wake-up time.  It's a guilty pleasure that happens about once every three years. The opening was great. Super nice crowd. Very warm and welcoming. I met people for the first time and had tiny conversations that made sense. The word 'love' was tossed around. The work felt loved. I felt loved. It was a good night.

Mary Addison Hackett 
A Tin of Egyptian Cigarettes 
1037 Monroe Dr NE Atlanta 30306
January 7 - February 6, 2016 
Opening reception: Thursday Jan 7, 2016,  7 - 9pm