November 21, 2010

I'm tired of thinking.

Shaman, 2010, a/p, 4" x 4"

The title was inspired by a comment Farrell Brickhouse made on a photo I uploaded of Otto on FB. He's in the new den studio looking out a window. In real life, my painting table is to the right. Maybe I should teach him how to paint.

Today was a running day: 2.5 miles
My timing was slow (11:43). I stopped once to answer a question about a lost dog and twice to take pictures of the infernal hills.

A check arrived from the gallery. I was happy.


Carla said...

Even though I saw the Otto photo, I kept seeing this image as a dress hanging in front of a window. Then the dress became Otto. That stuff usually only happens in dreams.

M.A.H. said...

I'm trying, but I can't see a dress. The best I can do is a Joseph Beuy's performance.

Steven LaRose said...

Yes, a black dress with nobody inside, like Seuss's green pants. Very melancholic yet funny.