November 19, 2016

Read Between The Lines

make money…lucrative for Trump...conflict of interest .. Trump administration plenty of conflicts of interest w..Rudy 
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
Giuliani…made millions .. foreign governments and corporations, …hostile to the United States. members …active 
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
participants in U.S. government decision-making… keep money flowing in…president enriching himself and his family…
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
scale … post-Soviet kleptocrats …Third World dictators. ..Ivanka, Eric… Donald Trump Jr….executive committee…
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
 knowledge of government …minimal …surprised …most sensitive intelligence…already monetizing her father’s election; 
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry…be yours for $10,800…running the Trump corporation..the money … his money. … profits …
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
private company...Trump won’t tell us. … . primary business …brand licensing,..enriching himself ... president...
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
tax returns public. Never...nothing …remotely ethical…...allegedly ...multiple grifts ...gullible customers (Trump University, 
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
the Trump Institute, the Trump Network); who …bankruptcy laws to escape the collapse… investors holding the bag … 
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
made out like a bandit … a scam from top to bottom..stiffed contractors…used undocumented workers… foreign models lie 
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
to customs official…once paid $750,000 to the Federal Trade Commission to settle an antitrust suit, …the most 
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States …transition team is drowning in corporate lobbyists, … first 
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
priorities are cutting taxes for the wealthy …removing oversight from Wall Street….unprecedented is the way….Trump will 
most spectacularly corrupt businessman in the United States 
increase his fortune by hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars while he’s president. 

I took some liberties with the original text, short attention spans and all. Full piece at the Washington Post.

November 18, 2016

Shaming me for standing up to injustice is not going to work.

The other day a young Trump supporting male tried to school me on “reliable” media sources. Earlier, I had reposted an essay written by a Buddhist monk to our Zen group’s Facebook page. The essay began with the disclaimer that the author usually stayed away from politics or choosing sides. The essay and my posting it, incensed a couple of people in the group. There was a rallying cry from one member who said Trump would make a America great again, Another person called for more Trump fans to join our group because apparently we lack "diversity."  The same person tried to shame me, saying "anyone reading the comments would realize what is going on here.” No one openly liked the essay. I've reread it a couple of times, thinking maybe I skimmed the part where the author made some horrendous statement, but no, it was a call for a more socially-engaged form of Buddhism. And yes, it did denouce the Trump platform for being in conflict whith ethical ideals the author held close. No other hidden agenda that I know of. An artist friend had originally shared it as a public link. I'm still not sure what the outrage was all about.

I don’t shame easily and I’m not particularly devious. When we went to war with Iraq, I made a fluorescent orange poster and quietly protested by standing in the middle of the boulevard at the intersection of Culver and Sepulveda. I made a schedule and protested in shifts when I wasn’t working. I’m not an extrovert. I wear neutral tones. I’m one of those people who tries too hard to fit in, but never does. People honked in support. Every now and then someone booed. I was not embarrassed to take action because I trusted my action spoke to the greater good. I was the only one standing at the intersection. Maybe I called it art, I don’t remember. It’s my life and I have trouble separating the two. 

Within the Art World proper, many of us work in various professions (teaching at prestigious universities and community colleges, local, regional, and national journalism, filmmakers, media production, authors, gallery owners. We run our own business, and work at multiple other day jobs in support of our professions). We are connected to our colleagues throughout this country and abroad who are witnessing discrimination, social injustice, verbal, and physical attacks first hand. 

Reliable media? We  are it, Good People. 

November 14, 2016


There's a long road ahead and it may very well be the swift kick in the pants the blog needed. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can read my raw take on the election outcome over at Burnaway in the appropriately titled piece:
Winter Is Coming: The Art World Responds to Trump
Thank you to Stephanie Cash for asking me to contribute.

July 24, 2016

Dear New York. I love you.

Originally written... oh, about a month ago.

For those of us keeping score on my productivity the last two weeks in New York, here's a cheat sheet:

I finished up the edits on some videos, which are for the most part under wraps, but you can see an excerpt from one of them here.

I contributed a review of Charles Goldman's work to Two Coats of Paint and will try to sneak in a post highlighting some of my gallery hopping below.

My itenerary, in no particular order:

Life on Mars
Honey Ramka
Microscope Gallery
TSA New York
Songs for Presidents
Anton Kern Gallery
David Zwirner
Michael Rosenfeld Gallery (Group show with Fairfield Porter)
White Columns
The High Line
The New Museum
Brooklyn Academy of Music. (The Lobster)
Studio vist with Margaret Murphy
Studio visit with Sharon Butler
Breakfast with Terri Dilling and her husband, who happened to be in town.
A studio visit and lovely and ongoing conversation about art, politics, race, gender, the city, the suburbs, life, etc with Gwendolyn Skaggs
Zazen with Zen Center of New York City
Jazz in Union Square Park
Coin laundry and pizza
A few iced coffees outside Hana Natural Foods.
The Post Office, Wyckoff Station
The G, L, M, 2, 3, F, and Path.
Dogs, cats, and birds.
Binged watched a few episodes of Orange is the New Black.
Caught two amazing sunsets.
Vegan cookies. (note to self: begin running again)
Scored some free books on the landing, and a magic blanket at a thrift store.
Two dozen hardboiled eggs and egg salad.

May 30, 2016

Review(s) update

The Repair Project (And Other Affairs of Just Plain Living) at Seed Space received a lovely and generous review on Burnaway, by Erica Ciccarone, who also writes for NYCNash.

And a  equally lovely spread in the Tennessean written by Sara Estes.
(Note, the amazing 1/3 page photo submitted was taken by moi. Amazing, of course, because I was also in the photo. This is one of my highly developed skill sets of late, of which only a handful of people have a clue what that means.)

There will be two more mending sessions, including a closing reception on the June 4th. Check the gallery website or their social media feeds for details.

More news of the cryptic sort to follow.

May 25, 2016

More leaning in.

Thank God they dug out that hedge pictured in the background. I miss this woman. 

Leaning in.

Your editor, leaning in

And while I've got you attention, I'll direct you to a essay in which the term "faux feminism" is used by bell hooks at the Feminist Wire. 

May 18, 2016

No fear.

For the record, I'm not into irony this week, even though Life would like me to think different. I'm sending a request for good thoughts out to the universe in hopes it's double coupon day.

May 12, 2016

And this. Soft Launch. We're still in beta. Hello Smack Handy!

It's been a productive month or two. As an artist, it always seems like it's considered taboo to talk about things such as work, as in earning money for hire, but I for one, like the idea of combining work and pleasure; art and life; money and food. 

This past April marked the one year anniversary of my secret or not so secret investment into refreshing some tech skills, upgrading my equipment, and putting together a modest edit suite. I still have a few more items on my wish list, and thanks to planned obsolescence, I'll always be learning something new, but after returning from the residency (oh snap, I did mention the residency again) I felt the time was right to roll out the new site. 

Running a business is not easy. Running two businesses is twice as not easy, but I can't think of anything I'd rather do than work in the studio figuring out this soup called life and and work on films and video helping others doing the same. Take a look if you'd like and if you need an editor or have a story to tell, let me know. 

And if you're wondering where the name, Smack Handy came from, you'll have to visit the site and look for the clues.*