November 20, 2010

A fine mess. Someone may have to die.

Thank goodness for life on Mars.

Along with several flower images from the pools and flowers series, I recently, like yesterday, submitted one of M. Thack's works to a curator who's putting together a show. Subject: flowers. It's way more interesting than that, but since it's at the proposal stage, that's all I'll say for now. In fact, the painting was created on the fly specifically to sneak in one of M. Thack's works along with my own. I mentioned our complicated relationship in the body of the email, but did not go into detail.

Turns out the painting M. Thack dashed out was selected to represent MY work in the proposal package. Things are a bit awkward here in the studio. I'm watching my back.

To make matters more complicated, heads were rolling at the atelier late last night. Seems that sloppy wench of an assistant didn't notice the scroll down menu and thus M.T.A.,v was categorized as a public figure, not an artist. Uncorrectable, which is pretty lame on facebook's part, I might add. We created a new page, making sure the new assistant wench selected "artist," but for some reason, M.T.A.,v shows up as just "page" now. Whatever. Curse 21st century digital technology.

And while I'm railing about the 21st century, have you noticed it's harder, like nearly impossible to find good 'ole ball point pens? Those damn leaky gel rollerballs that bleed through paper are taking over. I'm going to be stockpiling as many Bic pens as I can.

Today is a running day. 
2.12 miles
11:12 pace. Halfway up a hill, I slowed down and walked for one minute. 


Steven LaRose said...

OK. I just got that. My wife and daughter have been watching the US version of Life on Mars and I walked in yesterday afternoon and never left. I watched the entire second disc of season one. Didn't paint a drop yesterday. I may have to go rent the first disc but my wife is insisting that we borrow the original BBC series from the neighbors.

M.A.H. said...

Oh right. I saw the show once, and it was good, but I wasn't referring to it. I thought that phrase sounded familiar. Now that you mention it, it does seem apropos. It just sounded like a good metaphor for feeling out of touch.

I still haven't hooked up the dvd player or the nice stereo. 6 months, and I still haven't resolved my "living" space.

Elaine Mari said...

RE facebook, to quote my daughter, "you know what's going to be good some day, technology".

Re, Thack getting selected to represent your work ..I knew I was making a good investment!!:)

M.A.H. said...

: )