November 15, 2010


Yesterday was Sunday. I spent about 10 hours shooting adequate pictures, setting up paypal buttons, and I forgot what else. Maybe some housekeeping, but mostly computer work for my alter ego. I had my afternoon espresso and went for a run around 3pm and worked some more. It was a productive day, though I had planned on slacking off.

Today I met another artist for coffee at a place called Crema. Hands down, one of the best capps I've ever had. The brew's a little earthy, which normally I'm not into, but they make it work. Afterward I stopped by my local, slightly overpriced, but cheaper than driving 20 miles RT to Jerry's- art store, to pick up some more gessobord.

Later, more wallpaper removal. I'm almost finished with one large wall. I was going to cart a large chair in need of upholstering up to the attic and discovered I had left the lights on up there. I'm guessing the attic has been illuminated for about a week. Two ancient bulbs had finally burnt out in the interim. The chair was too cumbersome and I was too tired to wrangle it, so I replaced the bulbs with compact flo's and called it quits on housework.

Earlier, I received a return call from the fraud division of the USPS. It seems an Allen Z. Wright has decided to use my address for some of his mail. I rec'd the title of his car last week. I called the DMV thinking it might have been a major typo, but then I received a letter from the post office. Mr Wright had now decided to forward his mail from my address. The fraud division said there's not much I can do other than do a return to sender. A couple of weeks ago I rec'd a call from a detective in Northern California. Seems a guy from Lighting Van Lines, the movers I hired last spring, had in his possession my credit card number, my name, address, and a list of all my worldly possessions. So you can see why I'm a little suspicious of Mr. Wright trying to squat on my address. I don't think these two events are related, but I am a tad concerned.

Finally I stepped in the atelier and observed M.T.A.v. at work. I am in awe of his ability to crank on the miniature paintings without getting hung up on overworking them. Maybe I used to be like that years ago, but not to this end. He's doing portraits now. There's a chance he may be a better painter than me. Hey, as long as one of us is working, it's all good.

It's cold and gray here. I made cornbread. Tomorrow's a running day. 

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