November 02, 2010

Progress....It was all all day affair to get to this point.

I almost sold this at my yard sale. It's a nice little wire bookshelf, perfect for pulp fiction, but even more perfect for bins of oil paint. 

I started a second new painting today. 

I am messy. It didn't occur to me that I would accidentally splatter paint on the wall. How long have I been at this? Seriously. Did not even occur to me. Afterward, I shrink-wrapped the molding with Press n' Seal. 

Both sides. 

I put plastic over the shutters. They got hit too. 

I found some fake wood vinyl floor remnants at Home Depot. Just to be safe, I'll finish the rest off with cardboard or something. I drop-clothed the dining room table and pushed it to the side. It's a little weird to work in the house after working in either a garage or a loft for the last 24 years. I haven't warmed up to it yet. I feel like a renter with an imaginary, draconian landlord. Accidentally splattering paint on the wall was a step in the right direction. Take that, Superego. On the plus side, I have to walk through the studio every morning on my way to the kitchen, so the odds of me making some brushstrokes no matter what I feel like is pretty darn high. The winter studio is bare bones, suitable for the oil paint purist. No spray paints, very little mediums. 

The OMG, What Possessed Me to Strip the Wallpaper wall to the left of the windows. At approximately 12 sq feet per 3 hours, I should be finished by Christmas. The sideboard makes a good place for brushes and the table easel. It's also the perfect height for standing and working on something flat. And should I ever feel the urge to entertain, presto chango, I'll simply swap out the paint brushes for a tureen of vichyssoise and some tea sandwiches.  I thought to cover it BEFORE painting. Smart move, Fake Bazille. 


Steven LaRose said...

I think that painting is perfect already. However, the shrink wrap and chandelier look may tip you into the "eccentric" category for some people. Or. . . you could milk it and start wearing elegant long white gloves (with just a hint of paint spatter).

M.A.H. said...

The word eccentric crossed my mind too, but the room gets the best daylight. But the shrink wrap? That seemed so MacGyver.

M.A.H. said...

Ps thanks for the comment about the painting. You should know by now that if I haven't toiled over a painting in agony for hours, days, weeks I don't consider it done. That was maybe 15 min in. I'm trying to let go, but not there just yet. Seriously though, I am trying to be lighter and more spontaneous, again.