June 25, 2015

It's a wrap.

Take a break and head over to Vimeo to catch the inaugural installment of my micro-doc artist series, featuring a candid studio visit with artist, Mery Lynn McCorkle.

June 19, 2015

I figured out a bug with my Wacom tablet: Rejoice and Despair.

Technically speaking, and I do mean technically, I am one of those people who cling to Jurassic technology until it is absolutely, positively official that it's ready to be canonized into sainthood as a goldfish bowl or a paperweight.  More or less. Therefore, it was with great sadness I reported the retirement/demise of my old laptop along with it's trusty companion, a prehistoric Wacom® tablet that was working perfectly fine until it had to be paired with the new laptop. Unfortunately, the new tablet was not compatible with Yosemite and the union was never consummated. Sadness. On the bright side the new Wacom® is wireless. Whoa. Like I could edit from the couch if I were so inclined— and lazy and brilliant enough to program the entire control panel into useful commands— but I'm not.

Now for the bad news: the wireless does not work with an external hard drive plugged in via thunderbolt. This is relatively tragic since I'm working off an external HD connected via thunderbolt, and don't see that condition changing in the near or distant future, ever. And finally the dim light at the end of the tunnel— if you jack the dongle into the side of the laptop OPPOSITE the firewire port, voilá, let there be wireless.

That's really all I have for today. First world problems for sure, but nonetheless figuring out a known bug and the workaround was a small, frustrating victory of sorts. Now go hug someone, pat your animals and spread some love. It's been a lousy week for humanity.
Behold, the low-budget filmmakers's desktop circus. For just a nickel more, you can peep into the void to the right and visualize the semi-flatscreen TV which serves as a makeshift dual monitor for playback.

June 09, 2015


This June will be five years since I moved to Nashville. Five was my cut off point. I've made progress. Working in the studio 24/7 slowed me down considerably, but it's June and I'm doubling down. Technically, end of summer is the deadline. There are three to four major things to accomplish. I'm working on them simultaneously and feeling rather smart and good.

June 08, 2015

Link fest:

Now playing....Loop Barcelona
Ongoing....Julia Stoschek Collection
I had the good fortune to visit the Stoschek collection a couple of years ago.