November 18, 2010

Ladies who lunch. That was me today.

I went to a lunch and lecture today at Cheekwood. The lecture was on portrait miniatures. I did some research a couple of years ago when I first began painting small, but I hit the jackpot today. Collector Raymond White presented a slide lecture and talked about highlights from the collection. Collectors are interesting people. I like them. They're as passionate about collecting, as artists are about making art. A very entertaining speaker, Mr. White talked about the first painting he collected, (a small, but not miniature, maritime painting) his current passion, (shell casing trench art) and of course, his collection of miniature portraits which he and his wife have donated to Cheekwood. Afterward, I trekked up to the mansion to see the collection on display.

I had a veggie wrap with a cookie, and sat at a table with other art enthusiasts. After a few pleasantries were exchanged, I was asked for a business card by my table companions, and embarrassingly enough, had to scribble my name on a scrap piece of paper. It's funny, because one of the first things people ask you after you tell them you're an artist is, "Have you had an exhibition?" Or maybe it's just me, but all of my life, people have asked me this. Maybe I don't look like an artist when I'm dressed in civvies. Maybe I really do look like a lady who lunches or some dilettante.   I said yes, but I'm not sure the scrap piece of paper with my name scribbled on it was too impressive. I have a box of business cards at home. I should just dump a bunch in the bottom of every purse and coat pocket I own. It felt like I was writing a short story by the time I wrote my name and website out. Twice, for 2 different people.
m a r y   a d d i s o n   h a c k e t t

M. Thackston Addie, visionary needs a calling card. I'll see about ordering him some. Script, of course, on nice stock.

Today was a running day.
2 miles. Average pace 11:01.
chilly. hilly, and gray.
One day I'll get tired of listening to The Offspring, Americana, and anything ELO, but so far. so good.

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