October 01, 2010

It seems like pulling weeds might be good therapy.

Oddly enough I am not depressed after this show. I am not elated, but I suppose I could see that coming a mile away. I've had to put on my self-promotion hat and honestly, I'd rather leave that to the professionals. Some things simply are what they are. I spent most of today pulling weeds, wielding electric hedge trimmers, getting gouged on motorcycle insurance, and looking for something called work. All the interesting job are internships for students. I hit the local college and university websites and found no teaching positions, save one for an Art Appreciation class. I hauntingly remember the chair of the department at my first teaching gig in L.A. telling me that teaching an Art Appreciation class is always a good skill to have. Kind of like the waitressing. There was a news production job at one of the local TV stations that I'm about 75% qualified for, based on my ancient film editing and post production experience, and I also saw a documentary editing gig with no pay. I mentioned this to my ex, who suggested I might take the gig to build up my editing chops again. But seriously, how many jobs with no pay can one work? And last by not least, I had to finally accept that the 2010 estate tax loophole blows. I've done due diligence and have placed some calls to the people in the know, but it's looking like a superfreakishly costly mistake for anyone of modest means who inherited property that was bought ions ago for a song. All because Congress was busy with other things. Not exactly a role model for the GTD set, and a bit nerve-racking since it means, as of now, I would not be able to sell the house and have enough cash to buy another home. Maybe in Detroit, but not here. Call me spoiled but I'm just trying to hang on to the American Dream while simultaenously being an artist.

I forgot about plein air painting until it was dark. I considered doing one in the dark, but didn't. Maybe I am a tad depressed. It's hard to motivate back in the studio, but I think that's mostly from obsessing about paperwork and work. It seems as if only yesterday I was promising myself to enjoy life. Matt sent me pictures of cuddly kittens to make me smile. Odd that it is my ex who can cheer me up.

A couple of openings are in Nashville this weekend.
Carol Es at Tinney Contemporary. "It is a psychological metaphor that encompasses the artist's separation from her family in the mid 1970s, and finally her parents deaths in the last 2 years. While the content is filled with personal memory, it is also fueled with humor, reverie, whimsy, and the colorful use of oil paint on canvas mixed with paper and meticulous embroidery work. In addition to the canvases, the exhibit also includes paintings on panel and drawings on paper. I know Carol from L.A.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I keep wondering why there was no mention of death, loss and separation in my artist's statement or the press release. Maybe it was too morbid. I'm 99.9% certain I mentioned it over and over that's what the work was about, and although I didn't want to make a statement too personal, I'm fairly certain it would help the viewer. Somehow this only came out publicly at the artist talk. Communication is important to me. I can't believe I'm still having to craft my artist statement and the show is 1/4 over.

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