October 15, 2010

"Your profile pic is scaring me! Some sort of cross between Chelsea Clinton, a troll doll, and the Black Hole Sun video."

Every woman loves to be told they look like a troll. I am not photogenic when I smile. Thank God I'm not a troubled teenager. Facebook really does bring out the best in people, does it not? 

Last night I blew out a small portion of the house of the house after plugging in my rewiring project. The den, I understand, since this is where I plugged the lamp in. The porch I also understand since it is adjacent to the den. The far side of the kitchen and the hall lights, I have no clue as to why they were affected since they are totally separate. I had to trek out to Home Depot for fuses at 9:15 last night. Kroger, nor Walgreens sold fuses. The clerks thought I meant automobile fuses. I successfully swapped out the blown fuses, and then for some odd reason, the living room went dark. I unscrewed the living room fuses and screwed them back in, and all was well. I surmise there is all sorts of dark matter generating through the electrical currents in this house, perhaps even a hidden Universe.

I joined The Frist just in time to see The Birth of Impressionism. It opens today. I may treat myself to a catalog. This afternoon, I will finish up the mega dish washing. I feel like I need some quiet time to think about the next body of work. Sometimes I paint in my head to get a feel for what it will be like. I don't mean I plan out a painting in my head, I mean, I actually try and get a feel for the brushstrokes. 


Steven LaRose said...

Electricity is scary. Jonathan Richman claims it comes from other planets. I've wired all kinds of stuff in our house and it always takes about a month for me to stop looking at the switch or outlet to see if it is smoking or not.

I'm smiling at you on a street corner in white face, miming a painting. Little flourishes in the air. Maybe shaking an invisible spray can while staring at the painting in your head.

M.A.H. said...

That last paragraph made me smile. Jonathan Richman. No wonder I've always liked him.