October 04, 2010

My first real fall in almost 23 years.

I feel like I just fell off the turnip truck. It's like I've never seen bare trees, leaves fall, or afternoon sunlight through a cloudy sky. 

Tree, View from Utility Room, 8" x 5," watercolor and gouache on paper

It was chilly yesterday. I cheated and stayed inside for yesterday's plein air painting. I double cheated, because I worked some more on it today. A plein aire purist, I am not. I was simultaneously doing laundry. Below the shutters is my washer and dryer. My goal is to paint every tree in my yard. If I can figure out accurate GPS coordinates, I think I will title them by their GPS coordinates. In the likely event I lose interest in such an elaborate titling ruse, I'll just name them something obvious.


Steven LaRose said...

Purity and cheating. . .
Those are some of the white lied fundamentals of plein air.

Steven LaRose said...

Someone on fcbk just left a comment about your writing and painting in the context of sentimentality.

I'm trying to place the whole painting thing against the conservative notions of beauty and class, and yet coming to terms with the whole fuck you dumb ass mofo's I'm ignoring your rules and paying attention to something for longer than two seconds.

Steven LaRose said...

yeesh. . . .
that last/recent comment of mine is wonderfully ruffled.

Carla said...

Heh-heh, painting plein air while doing the laundry.

I originally titled paintings in my "love hovel" series by gps coordinates, but later changed the titles. I used google earth, and just hover over the spot, it has that coordinate showing as you hover over. I chose imaginary place at near random. I had a general idea and then went there, and just kept zooming closer to see where I had chosen. Pretty fun.

M.A.H. said...

^ SGL, um, yes, I see what you mean. I had to read it three times in order not to take it personally. It worked much better when I inserted hyphens between the last 19 words.

Re: sentimentality. I don't know what to say. I cried when I sawed off my diving board as if I had just amputated a phantom appendage, yet I suppose I do have moments of extreme detachment. I'm guessing distilling this stuff though writing and painting is just a front.

(My captcha is "sighers." As Carla would say, "snort.")

Carla, thanks. Now I'll be sucked into google earth all day.

Steven LaRose said...

yes, I was lazy with the hyphens. I meant to empower the sentimental. It seems so rebellious these days.

word veri: redbund

very Citizen Kane

elainemari said...

all those words about painting, hmm?

Like. painting of trees outside laundry room, like photos of bare trees, falling leaves, afternoon sunlight through a cloudy sky.