October 26, 2010

Kitchen Sink Post

My divorce lawyer is billing me for, and I quote: "received post card for client's art show." Kind of unbelievable, yet true. If I call to dispute that charge along with a couple of other bogus and solicited charges, she'll bill me for the call, so I'm rather f*cked. I send exhibition announcements to people in my professional network if they seem remotely interested or knowledgeable about art. I sent one to my doctor, who once came to an opening. I sent one to my accountant since I figure it is an advertising expense, and perhaps she'd like to know I'm advertising. So far, neither my doctor nor my accountant has billed me for receiving a exhibition postcard in the mail. Lawyers. Need I say more?

Yard sale was a decent success. The good news is that I can now see AND access the front door for the first time in five months. Today was supposed to be a studio day, but it rained and the studio floor flooded. Instead, I worked in the attic making room to store stuff I don't want to see anymore, yet don't want to throw out yet.  I'm not sure why there was a framed print of Napoleon in the attic, but there was. I checked eBay. Napoleon is not my ticket out of here.

I'm in a slump. I know I need to pick up my paint brushes by their little paintbrush bootstraps, but I have absolutely nothing lined up. That's not entirely true, but I'm definitely in an awkward transition period and am having a rough go of it, so I'm not fighting it. I'm trying to convince myself I like it here and I do, but not for professional reasons, and not for social reasons either. The landscape is nice here and I like the seasons. I like having a house that's not on a busy street.

It's almost time to order another easel and move the studio inside for the winter. Yes, a new easel. That's what I need.

Even a 90-minute walk in the woods did not calm be down from the lawyer thing.


Steven LaRose said...

Roll with the slump.
Cherish the cycle.
. . .
got nothing re: lawyer, that is insane.

Carla said...

What Stevem said. I had a big meltdown yesterday, and then just gave up and wallowed in it all.

I would invest (time, purchases) in setting up a working indoor studio though.n

Elaine said...

ack! is hard.

everything seems to be getting into my way lately, what's that about, do this, do that, and no signs anywhere. I said to M today, that's life, that's what the people say, something to do tomorrow and something to do today (sung to the tune of "that's life")

Nomi Lubin said...

"My divorce lawyer is billing me for, and I quote: 'received post card for client's art show'."

Nooo. For real? No. Really?