October 08, 2010

After I finish this post.

I am seconds away from downloading Anti-Social, essentially a firewall for social networking sites. I thrive on social networking and not just for the banter. I love seeing what other artists (okay, especially painters) are doing, and I love reading essays and reviews about art, (okay, especially painting) that prompt me think about ideas that are new and exciting, or simply ground me if I am lost.  Tricky, if I'm really working though, because all it takes it's a nanosecond of lag time for an application to open and I'll quickly sneak over to fb or twitter to hang out by the water cooler. Often it takes the whirring sound of my Activity Monitor to remind me I have Aperture or Photoshop needing my undivided attention for my original task at hand. Like now, for instance. I'm officially beginning my non-art side project of selling collectibles and vintage items on ebay. To call it non-art is convenient, but possibly untrue, because since reading Alan Kaprow's book, Essays on the Blurring of Art and Life, and my foray into documenting my life as art during grad school, everything is potentially art if I proceed to think about it in terms of art. This, of course, is distracting when all I'm trying to do is clear out the house and make a buck. As is facebook and twitter, which is why I'm downloading Anti-social, just as soon as I post this.

My show is going on it's 3rd week. I have the audio file of my artist talk where I reveal the secret of my universe. I have not had a chance to listen to it. I will post excerpts or perhaps the whole talk depending on how monotonous it is after it is transcribed. I am still hoping to distill a statement or at least an essay out of it. Um, never mind. Painfully inaudible.

Recently, an artist told me paintings of dogs sell. I laughed. Then I laughed again later when I realized it might actually be true.
"Overlooking the Clouds Sea (Fang Corners a Crow in the Backyard)

Meanwhile, I'm still hung up on trees and the quest for unadulterated abstraction.


snoringdogstudio said...

I wonder if paintings about cats sell as well. I doubt it. Only wall space and a modicum of self-respect keep me from buying more paintings and photos of Boston Terriers.

Enjoying your blog.

Steven LaRose said...

"Fang Corners. . ." WAS one of my favorites. It didn't occur to me it was because of the dog. I thought it was because of the balance, unity, movement, proportion, emphasis, etc.

Love the new banner.