October 28, 2010

Step One: Admit I was powerless over facebook...

Yes, it's a great networking tool and probably the end all to receiving mass announcements of shows, but those seconds and minutes add up. I was going to deactivate the account, but couldn't pull the trigger. Part of it is due to my slump. Some banter with folks, a few likes, and posting images makes me feel somewhat connected with my network of real and almost real friends in the artworld, but it's a band-aid. I'm not sure I'd feel any different if I were living back in L.A. either. I have this feeling of watching things slip- sort of like seeing a framed painting of a ship at sea hung slightly askew and expecting the water to pour out of the frame. I thought back to when I was more prolific in the studio, and decided to ignore all the obvious stumbling blocks from the past 2 years and blame facebook instead.

And of course, I broke my vow of celibacy to share this... see next post.  But that was it. I'm clean again.

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