September 29, 2010

I'm a little slow getting back into the swing of things here.

On the other hand, that's what's so great about being back here. Slowness.

On the bright side, I was very happy to be supported by my L.A. artist friends and some familiar faces at the opening reception. I was also pleasantly surprised to meet someone at the artist talk who had been following my blog for a couple of years. (And just when I was about to go all radio silent.) The gallery recorded my talk, but I have no idea what I said. I sold a painting on opening night, which was an instant mood lifter. All in all, the trip ended pleasantly enough. Show ends October 31st. Huge thanks to my friends Sharon and then Matina for hosting me, and Meg for a great dinner around her abandoned pool. (Meg's pool is dry and makes a good dog run. I, as you may remember, have a small ecosystem.) It was so nice visiting with people. And again, a huge thanks to everyone who came out to the opening and the talk.

It was pretty much hot as f*ck the entire time I was in L.A., and in celebration of being 49 and a half, I bought a skimpy hippie chick dress  on sale, and threw all caution to the wind. No one noticed my mid-life, trampy hot, intellectual art babe look. Meanwhile back in Nashville, I'm digging out old cable knit sweaters and am certain the motorcycle boots will be part of my fall uniform. 

I am tired though, and  was so happy to sleep in my own bed, soak in my own bathtub, and have coffee in my favorite coffee mug while starring out my window. I even cranked up the gas logs today in the fireplace. Yep. It was slightly chilly this morning. I missed The Great Dust Motto. (Dust mop+ Otto= Dust Motto.) I picked him up today. Such a fluffy guy when he's all clean, and his paws no longer look like wookie feet. And thus, life on planet Nashville resumes. I am ready to embrace life here for a while: work, make more paintings, network and meet  with nice people, be open to change, clean house, make repairs, stare at trees, pull weeds, enjoy life. I keep getting inspired by LaRose's plein air paintings and want to do some and hawk them on ebay as well, but so far, I'm all talk. I fear I may have trouble separating my studio practice like that. Still, I am inspired. 

Fluid: Elusive Chapters from the Passage of Time, Vol. 2: Pools and Flowers

Fluid: Elusive Chapters from the Passage of Time, (Vol. 1: The Lost Months)

I anticipate getting installation shots before the show comes down using a real photographer or else I'm so fucked. These are grainy and wouldn't get me the time of day. There are more images from the weekend at my flickr site. The small wall does not photograph well by moi and I suppose I can safely say this work will probably not find it's way into a corporate lobby art collection. But who knows. It does look much better in person and up close. You might have figured that out.

The Lost Months
Pools and Flowers

A few people have asked if I will be showing in Nashville or in the vicinity. I need to start working the room, so to speak, and by room, I am referring to this side of the country.


Anonymous said...

Looks like everybody had a great time at your opening. Your paintings are so yummy, so beautiful and clear. I sat here eating my toast and peanut butter and jam, drinking espresso viewing them on the flickr slideshow. What a great way to start the day. Thanks.

And, I look forward to your blog, please keep it up!

Steven LaRose said...

So glad I could be inspirational. I've only painted two plein air's and already I've started to think "WTF" but if I can coax one out of you, it will all be worth it. It really helps that it takes place outside of the studio. It is fast and furious with no time at all to "think" as the light changes and things are moving.

As far as the studio goes, you've inspired me to prime 36 6x7 inch panels and revisit the smaller size in a get-back-at-it suite.

Carla said...

I love the show layout.

M.A.H. said...

Thanks Blog Posse.
Steven, I'll pull out one of my plein air books this evening and get in the groove. Maybe even report back with something this time tomorrow....
I definitely need to get back to work and keep moving forward.