July 01, 2008

Well now that it's public

I accidentally deleted this post while cleaning up some unpublished drafts. Either that or I had second thoughts about publicizing it. But I figured since it was already in print in The Tennessean, it would hardly qualify as news here and I've revived it, albeit not verbatim. I probably could, but I'm too tired to try. Anyway, the gallery I work with in Nashville is closing it's physical doors. That's why the photographer was snapping pics. My mom called to tell me the article was in the Sunday paper and there was picture of me and Jodi Hays talking with Jerry Dale. (shameless self-promotion: my work's in the background.) I'm sorry to see the gallery close. It was fun showing there the last few years and Jerry Dale has been a pleasure to work with. The gallery will maintain an online presence and work is still available on the website. The September show will be hosted by Estel Gallery.

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