June 28, 2008

OMG I’m Back.

That’s the last time I rely on coffee houses for Internet access while traveling, though I did drink some good coffee while I was away.

I kept an old-fashioned journal via Word while away. I will not bore you with the details. I will post a smattering of pictures on my Flickr site that somewhat accurately account for my whereabouts since June 12. Obviously I forgot some stuff. I say obviously because, for instance, I forgot to shoot pictures of the show in Nashville. I took the camera to the gallery but got caught off guard by a professional photographer who was snapping away. You’ll have to believe me when I say the show looked good.

I wish I could group hug the people, places and things who and that made me feel really great while I was in Nashville. My friend, Martha is one of them. Babs, and Susan, and without a doubt, the beautiful, nutty, talented, and lovely girls- of my friend, Rhea, who's amazingly gifted as an artist.

Aside from riding my faux chopper,and doing a watercolor or two along the Natchez Trace, and cleaning out the garage, I spent quite a bit of time dealing with an aging parent. That’s a euphemism. I’m not in denial. It’s just hard to say it or write it aloud. I grew up thinking my family was slightly eccentric. That’s also a euphemism. Nonetheless I am from the South and this is a fact. In grad school I spent a year working on a video dealing with some version of identity politics. I followed my mom around the house and yard for two weeks documenting her activities and asking questions. Mindy Faber, Ilene Segalove, Vanalyn Green, were some of my influences. But I digress. Currently my identity as an artist is that of an abstract painter dealing with narrative and transformation. But again, I digress. I’m boycotting words for a moment. I'm spent.

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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I don't know how I discovered your blog but I'm glad I did...I like your writing, wit and love your work. One question? The photos of the empty pool...did I miss something besides it's beauty? Have a great summer in that great smelling studio!
Mary Ann