July 08, 2008

I'm not really a stick-with-it kinda girl

I think these two are done.

Still working on this one.

My little foray into representational, impasto painting using local color was short-lived. I'm glad I can be honest here. I made my swimming pool painting and even worked on it a little more, but I think it was a single painting I did just for me, just at that moment. I know this, because I'm not driven to explore that concept anymore. So maybe in the bigger picture, it actually fits in with my ongoing daily painting series which early on stopped being daily paintings and just started being paintings about moments during my day. That works. Maybe if I had approached the swimming pool painting from that POV when I began the painting, instead of making it seems like a thing exclusive and different, I wouldn't be addressing it as I am right now.

I've continued to work on some of the other paintings I began before I left town. Except, the other paintings are not really Other. There is no other in my studio. We are all the same.

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