July 14, 2008

Geek out:

I love how these look like little Klimts

Before there was ART, there was ROCK(s).

The 2008 Fiesta of Gems was this weekend, featuring The Wonderful World of Agates, sponsored by none other than the Culver City Rock and Mineral Club. How lucky am I to live in Culver City? Does life get any better? Well, yes, actually it does. In an effort to— save trees, while contributing to light pollution; become ultra organized while finding my way out of a cul-de-sac; and increase my odds for carpal tunnel while sharpening my mental sequencing skills, I bought an iPhone. I've accidentally called, emailed or hung up on someone at least 8 times today but once I become the secret power user I'm destined to be, I'm anticipating the world at my fingertips.

I also bought a little chunk of Pyrite, because in an effort to feel like Superman, everyone should own a little chunk of Pyrite.And this is a nifty little piece of Epidote with Stilbite from a quarry in Gettysburg that reminds me of a little plateau, which is kind of a metaphor for my life right now. So while I'm here, I figured I might as well enjoy it.
Oh, and I guess there might be some leftovers in the fridge regarding skill, craft, rendering, and talent, that I've neglected to discuss further.


Carla said...

Nice! Now I'm wondering if our local Jox Rox is still in business.

Steven LaRose said...

The plateau is cool (the rock, not the psychological state).

And, for some reason, I can't seem to contribute to the "skill, craft, rendering, and talent" soup just yet either. Every time I find myself thinking about it, I feel like I am being forced to write an Artist Statement of Purpose, which is always so annoying. I have a feeling however, that I should articulate myself beliefs, and when I do, my paintings will have a clearer focus. . . I'd just rather not have to use words, I barely got time to paint as it is.