July 03, 2008


I'm thinking a plan might be good. I haven't been a "project" person for sometime, but perhaps a series or a project idea might be an interesting way to move forward now. Usually, an idea surfaces and I'll write the word or phrase down on a piece of painter's tape, slap it up somewhere and let that exist as a mantra for the work until the work takes over and becomes about something else. Or maybe it just gathers stuff like those clumps of dog hair I find when Fang's molting.

Some ideas:
  • An artist book. I've wanted to do this one for a long time, but keep getting sidetracked.
  • A series of representational painting. HAHAHAHA. No, but seriously, I saw this painting- on someone's blog and it wasn't identified and I have no idea who the artist is, although I could hazard some guesses, and I forgot the blog where I saw it, but I dig it A LOT and it got me thinking that representation might be interesting for me to seriously consider in dealing with some things that are percolating in the labyrinth known as my head. Things I had previously assumed would either need to be photographic or sculptural, but since one of my rules is that I have to paint, I dropped it. And now, just since I've written this paragraph, I think I've got an idea of what's next.
Life is good.

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Carla said...

My idea center is in a rare dead zone state. It's nice to hear the hum of someone having brain waves.