July 18, 2008

Le Petite Plateau

A plateau is nothing to be down about. I consider it a resting place after a little hike. A place to catch my breath before moving ahead.

I have 2 painting practices. One involves oil, acrylic etc painting on canvas- it doesn’t matter what size, but for clarity, 11” x 14” up to 7 feet. The other involves drawing and watercolors on paper. Again, size doesn’t matter, but generally, they are smaller. The point is that the paintings demand a different kind of energy than the watercolors. They are physical, not just arms and gestures, but twists and turns, bending, stretching, climbing, even the smaller ones move inside to outside, wall to floor, etc. For me, painting is an act of physical, condensed traveling. So, after an intense period of painting, along with a couple of exhibitions and actual time-zone travel, I’m finding myself in a natural rhythm of having arrived at a petite plateau where the physical intensity in the studio is being replaced by working on smaller more intimate things such as writing and watercoloring and drawing things.


I’ve also been organizing my flat files in preparation for a flat file sale, which will debut on another site I’m working on. So please check back for the announcement. Soon. Very soon.

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