August 04, 2010

My show title sucks by the way. Just so you know.

I hate my show title. I already gave it to the gallery. The title feels too sentimental and unhip. It's not named after a song, it doesn't sound like a garage band, and it's not funny or quirky. I failed in the title department for this one. I may as well have titled it, "Dan Fogleberg's Greatest Hits," or "Piano Melodies." I am filled with dread over the show title. I cannot overemphasize the importance of free time and my ability the think clearly and play with words. Ok, no more excuses. The show title sucks, let's move on.

It's getting close. 51 days. In a couple of weeks I should book my airfare. It's frigging hot here. The word inferno comes to mind. 117 degrees heat index. I almost can't believe it, but all I have to do is walk outside or in the studio, and I am a believer. I unstuck one of my studio windows and the old window fan still works. It's so hot that I can feel the dust attach itself to me. I will try and unstick the other window tomorrow. An old sprinkler works too. That was great. I was giddy standing in front of it.

I love my studio.

I'm selling off vintage collectibles and random stuff as my day job for a bit. I've almost got the house clean, so next step is photographing items and uploading them to ebay.

The furniture is too heavy to ship, but I have a LOT of vintage glassware, vases, garden tools, books, etc. If you're looking for something, ask.

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