October 01, 2008

The secret is emotion

I may have used that heading before. It's so apropos. 

It's rather tepid in the studio. I made pretty good headway on paintings # 2, but needed some drying time, so took a break. I'm still working as a hired gun, more or less. I gridded out painting #1, and thus knew what it was going to look like, more or less. Everything is more or less around here. 

For painting #2, I played around on Photoshop, cobbled some images together and came up with 3 images and gridded them out, and then for some insane reason, decided to ignore them and just do painting #2 as a response to painting #1. It's going fine, but I realize that for commissioned work of this nature, I think I preferred knowing what I was doing in advance. Or not. I'm just happy to be getting paid to do what I do, more or less. 

Okay. I just "spilled" coffee on painting #2. Whew. Feel better now. 

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