October 06, 2008

The kitchen sink post from BNA

Good Daughter review:
I am trying to be a good daughter and take care of some things around
tmy mom's house.
Difficulty level: 5

Art review:
a) Art in the Airport programs may not be pushing any envelopes, but I
have a great apprciation for seeing art as I'm departing and art as
I'm arriving. I don't care what your cup of tea is, art is neccessary
and if you can't get to a gallery to see art, let the art come to you.
Difficulty level: 0

b) Since TAG closed its doors, I picked up some unsold work and
dropped it off at a friend's place temporarily. The suitcase sized
works I'll bring back on the plane. I'd like to find homes for The
Tornado Face drawings. Bartering for needed goods and services is an
option. Current needs include landscaping and custom shelving in LA,
and a studio rental for next summer in Nasville.
Difficulty level: 2

c) Got my dander up over the arts incentive program in Chattanooga. In
order to qualify, you need to make your living from your art, and ONLY
your art. Teaching art does not count. On the other hand, if I was a
floral designer, graphic designer, fashion designer, or involved in
one of the other arts that are service-oriented, I would qualify.
Apparently I am not a member of the creative class afterall. Bummer.

Difficulty level: 3

Food review:
a) Mom and I went to the Pancake Pantry for breakfast. The hashbrowns
are vegan. I miss pancakes.
Difficulty level: 3

b) Met a friend for dinner at City House. Very accomadating for vegan
eats. No soy milk in the house. I am spoiled in LA.
Difficulty level: 1

c) Starbucks: here in Nashville, in Green Hills, SBUX wants me to fork
over an additional 40 cents for soymilk. I can buy a whole container
from Trader Joes for 3 bux.
Difficulty level: 3

Campaign review:
Great timing! The debate's tomorrow night at Belmont College University and I'm
going volunteer for one of the shifts. Will report back via Twitter
Difficulty level: 0

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