August 01, 2013


There was a small technical issues that prevented the blitzkrieg from taking the Internet by storm, but it's been resolved and persistence does pay off.  Thank you, early supporter!

So far, here's what you've missed:
20. Chemex, Dollar Bill

Not to worry, there are more, but currently, I'm only uploading a small selection during the month of August.

And in case you're just now hip to this, here's the the down-low. Scoot over to Smaller Works presents right now, and read more about it. Or sure, if you're tired and can't stand the thought of clicking a new window open, read about it below. But over there is the only place we can engage in a public act of commerce without having people stare at us like we're some trashy leftovers from the 80's art market.

Kitchen Paintings (#Drifters) will be part of an upcoming solo show, Le Rayon Vert, at Leu Gallery at Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee. The show runs from September 9 - October 11, 2013.

Beginning THURSDAY August 1st, I will be posting selections from the Kitchen Paintings (#Drifters). I will be offering them for sale before the show is installed.

For being an early supporter, you will be thanked on the wall label with a "Courtesy of Your Name" attribution, and receive free shipping. Paintings will be shipped as soon as the show comes down. 

September 1, 2013 is the last day for credit on the wall label and free shipping. (You can also choose to be an anonymous supporter.)

The Kitchen Paintings (#Drifters) began as a contemplation on simplicity and the passage of time. To date there are 53 paintings.

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Nomi Lubin said...

They are fabulous. Can't wait to see more. Really, very exciting.