August 15, 2013

Wake up Glitter Pony! Wake up!

(Occasionally there are technical difficulties when blogging between two formats. As a result, some witty corrections I made to my Glitter Pony post caused said post to be lost in the nether regions of the www.)

To recap, I was mulling over the phrase, "quiet integrity," when I came across something which made me question busting my glitter pony ass for the entire summer. I sat with it. There's the quiet part and the integrity part. I decided the integrity part would be to address it directly, and that the quiet part would be my response.
Wake up Glitter Pony, 2013
acrylic on canvas 
20 x 16

I'm also really happy that some work sold. I usually don't talk about commerce here or anywhere, but I'm blown away by the continued support from my former community. In turn I hope to give back. Maybe I've already given some, but it makes me want to give more. 

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