August 24, 2013

Copy. Export as PDF. Delete. Repeat.

Process is in the process of a transformation. What's that you say? How will this affect, me, your not-so-loyal reader?

Well, for starters, 2005, 2006, and 2007 have left the blogosphere. Except the Baldessari post- it's still there for posterity and will be archived at a later date. The writing is a little unpolished and clunky, but it was a charming story.

I was surprised at how uncarthartic the Delete process was. My studio life in Culver City was more exciting than it has been here, but that's like saying Cream of Wheat is more exciting than Cream of Rice. I experienced some fabulous art firsthand and was reminded of shows I had been in with artists I admire. There was sunshine and cappuccino. I saw some mistakes. I had studio visits on a regular basis. People genuinely seemed interested in talking about the work. LA was good. There was some sadness of course, but all in all, very good.

Still, we can't live in the past. Onward and upward.

In tandem, I'm also winnowing out my bookshelves. The odds that I will frantically need to pull a quote from Semiotics and Interpretation or Sexual/Textual Politics is slim, but just in case, I will keep them. On the other hand, my Home Improvement tome can go. If I can't find out how to fix something via YouTube, there's no reason to carry on.

It's time for a change.

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