August 18, 2013

I forget things.

"Levitational" at LAX through December 2013


I was just reminded by someone who passed through LAX that I still have work installed at LAX International Airport in Terminal 3. 

3 of 20 panels 

Wow. I made even more work than I remembered this year. I had totally forgotten that the winter work force cranked every day painting 20 scenarios as seen in the above works on paper.

Every year I threaten to take some time off and stick my feet in the sand or something. I'm still threatening to do that. One day. 

I'm kind of on break this week. Not really, because I'm prepping works for delivery and cleaning out the house.  I'm catching up on reading. 

I'm excited about some upcoming stuff. It's not directly art-related, but it's relevant. 

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