May 09, 2012

This is Life.

School's out. All the artwork got shipped out or delivered to three shows (43 paintings). I'm back running on a regular schedule. I'm aiming for 5 days a week. I have a few paintings in the studio that are coming along so after a couple of studio hours, I broke for housework.

My original plan was to simply clean house, but I thought cleaning a closet might do a body good, too.

I was easily distracted by the glass ceiling I found on a shelf in one of the closets. To the right of the glass ceiling is a box of advertising pencils. To the left is a box of keys to things no longer in existence. The the left of that is something we picked up at Stucky's one year, a desk plaque that reads," I SAID MAYBE AND THAT'S FINAL."
Totally random still life.

Carton 1 of Christmas 1968. If only.
That is my handwriting. And those are my hieroglyphics. If I come across Carton 2, I'll let you know.

The vintage play food was a serious road block.

I am also sad to report I do not have an eidetic memory. I was almost sure I did. The other day I was looking for a photograph in the attic I had come across a couple of years ago. I thought it was of a large grizzly bear in a diorama in Alaska. I thought there was a man in a suit standing in front of the grizzly bear. I thought the grizzly bear was almost twice as tall as the man in the suit. I could visualize all this perfectly. It was a crisp black and white photo, dating from say, the 50's.

Brown bear, but not certain it's a grizzly  -2 points
Woman, not a man -50 points
Woman wearing pants +10 points
Alaska +15 points
No recollection of stuffed moose in background -20 points
Bear is twice as tall as the human +20 points
Woman is standing to the left of bear, not in front of bear -15 points
Photograph is slightly sepia-toned, not black and white -15 points.
Circa 1950's +15 points
Doesn't really look like a diorama, but it was a museum. Calling this one even.

It's been a full day.


Carla said...

House full of treasures siren song.

MaryAddison Hackett said...

No kidding. If only there was a way to record this... Some contraption that would capture the objects and transfer them to multiple sheets of 2-dimensional surface material bound with a coded rectangular bar on the back sheet.

MaryAddison Hackett said...

...or with a greasy substance and a stick on fabric.

Carla said...

If only.

lucymink said...

You have so many paintings ahead.