May 09, 2012

T-16. Another image leaks out of the studio....

Flowering Quince, 2012, oil on linen, 10 x 7.25 in. 


The paintings were shipped yesterday. I thought about random things during the shipping and packing festivities. Foremost, I thought, "Take care of the work and it will take care of you." I keep impressing myself with my packing skills. Efficient, compact and secure. Give a woman some cardboard and she packs for a day. Teach a woman to change the box-cutting blade before it gets dull and she packs for a lifetime.


Carla said...

Love the painting.

Packing work is so satisfying.

Elaine Mari, Painter and Drawer said...

Nice nice painting.

I've been making boxes to store stuff that needs a box size I can't buy. They look like hell, I want to perfect them. I made a template, it is off. I made boxes to ship my paintings, they were perfect (well perfectly fine, anyway).