December 12, 2010

Yep, it's snowing and it stuck. 24 degrees.

This book belongs to Mary Addison
So after I woke up, had coffee and let the dog out, I commenced decorating for Christmas. Not really, but I finally hooked up the stereo. It wasn't as mystical as I thought it would be. Matt had kindly made a diagram of the schematics before I left Culver City and I had done a rubbing of the inputs and outputs so I would know what to hook up where. You'd never believe I was an editor, assistant editor, and even an pinch-hit engineer back in the 90's. Then I dumped all the Xmas music on my 2nd gen iPod to get me in the mood. I'm guessing it snowed about 2 inches today. I ate a bunch of sweets-mostly red and green M&M's, snapped a picture or two, and painted. Came across some boxes with some old books I had out aside, published by The Lollipop Library. Note the rad signature, it's not terribly different than my current signature. I miss the days when I didn't worry so much. I paint much better when I don't worry about stuff. I woke up sad today. Had this weird dream where my mom had piled up all the broken and shoddy furniture on the porch and she was leaving.
He's pretty darn cute when he looks all puppy-like. He sleeps with his eyes open sometimes. Such a creepster.


Carla said...

Heated pad? lucky Otto

M.A.H. said...

Hah, no. Just a mess of cords precariously strewn in the background. This has to be the most adorable pic I have of him. 99.9% of the time, he's such a scoundrel.