December 19, 2010

As promised...almost.

I kind of feel like a have a stalker now. Some guy checks my blog to see if I've posted updates on the attempted fraud thing and then sends me emails letting me know. I looked into doing a private blog, but it's way too much trouble at this point considering the delicate ecosystem of links out there. The whole thing just pisses me off. The email was so very polite, I almost thought it was from a Nigerian who wanted to buy my beautiful paintings. But alas, it was not.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.
Broke down and bought a tree yesterday. Impulse buy. I saw a blurb in the paper about adopting seniors without family and I thought that might help my low mood, so I picked some names off the adopting tree and shopped for some items they had requested. Towel sets, housecoats, thick socks etc. One requested a green plant. I thought it might feel good to shop for older people since I missed shopping for my mom this year. When I got to the checkout, I had amazingly hit my budget within 3 bucks. As a bonus, I saw Jack White roaming the aisles. It was a pretty day yesterday, not too cold, so on the way home when I spotted a boy scout troop selling trees, I caved in and bought a small tree. It was their last day and they were making deals. My lucky day. Due to a bad call made by one of the guys, they took off a strategic limb and had to saw a few more off to even it up. It ended up being a little shorter than I had expected, but it's fine. I decorated it. For real. Lights, ornaments, the works. I even hung the wreath and reconfigured the lame-o lights. I vacuumed and dusted. My favorite part has always been the scene underneath the tree. I need some new snow. Currently it reflects the global warming trends. My polar bears are atop dry rocks. Santa's sleigh is dashing through slush, the pond is is thawing. I'll get some new snow tomorrow and make everything better again. The good news is that we're all lit up and for the most part, blend in with the rest of the neighborhood. Today marked a big milestone as I finally attached the FM ribbon antennae and now get public radio. 6 months. 2011 will be better, more efficient. I promise.


Carla said...

You are going to inspire me to fight my way out of the winter and pre-holiday blues. This December has really been brutal, weather-wise. I'm finding I already must make really forced and conscious decisions, just to side-step the gloom abyss. Exercise seems to be the best medicine at this point.

M.A.H. said...

Last week was a doozy. Major meltdown for 24 hours, almost cathartic. I am forcing myself to run outside (!) at least every other day, even if I can't run very far and fast. It does help. Sucking down sugar probably hasn't helped. I try and remember how I managed living in Chicago, but all I can remember is the never-ending feeling of winter gloom. Not really a good role-model for myself. I to activate my super duper invincible I can accomplish anything powers pronto.

Carla said...

Is it too morbid to say if we fail, at least we'll have company in the rut?

On the other hand, this will be the most amazing spring you've had in a while. Don't start your spring countdown until early Feb, though, imo.

M.A.H. said...

No, not morbid at all.
Early February. That's a date I can handle. Speaking of thermostats, tried 63˚ during the day and sequestered myself in the kitchen to work with the gas logs. Felt a little too Charlie and the Chocolate factory- you know, the scene where everyone huddles together to keep warm, so I said screw it and figured I'd could splurge every now and then at 68˚. I should make a game out of it: throw a few numbers in a hat, pick 2 numbers in the 60's every day, and go with it.