December 11, 2010

Another art opening tonight.

I am jonesing for a local artist residency. Went to the opening of the current a.i.r. tonight. Not saying much else until further notice, but I met the gents in charge this evening and it's looks like a great, and mutually beneficial opportunity. In other news, it's supposed to snow tonight and according to my geeky weather radio, be "brutally" cold, with temperatures, "plummeting." You may have noticed I'm not really handling the harsh weather here with much diplomacy. Being warm and dry are things I've taken for granted and it freaks me out a bit when I realize how easy it would be not to be warm and dry. I always have to remind myself I'm grateful to have a home, even one that needs constant repair, hence my anxiousness with a newly replaced roof that is leaking in my fireplace, as I blog.

I logged 10 miles of running this week and got my pace down to a semi-respectable for me, 10:40 average. Not too bad for end of week 5. I also finished my knitted skirt and am amazed that it fits and looks good. I didn't use a pattern. Just math and even then, after the first 7 inches, I was winging it. Life would be simpler and perhaps faster, if I made notes. I believe the wallpaper project is one month past due. I can't remember anymore. I still need to sand and paint the molding and lower wall. I realized power sanding would be much more cleanup on the back end, while hand sanding is time consuming on the front end. Such the conundrum. Then there's the OMG, maybe I'm nuts for doing this in the first place.

I need to get back to work in the studio and relax a bit. Breathe. breathe breathe. Picked holiday greenery from a 72-year magnolia tree yesterday and decorated the porch some. Did I mention it's suppose to snow tomorrow, and be "brutally" cold? Yes, I think I did.


Carla said...

I've noticed that the cold weather is only bothersome until you give up on the idea of warmth, and comfort. I usually submit to it sometime during the holidays. Then the difference between 30 above and 10 below becomes meaningless.


M.A.H. said...

13 winters in Chicago, most of which included time spent on an 'L' platform in sub zero windchill seem like a bad dream. One of the highlights was my short-lived, 2-hour, multi-train and bus commute from work before getting a job closer to my loft. I was walking home from the final bus stop with a six-pack in a bag, 50 below zero with windchill. The bag breaks, my beer bottles crash to the frozen ground. I was devastated. I was wearing a red wool coat. Snow, not a soul in sight, darkness, just the illumination of a lonely street lamp as I watched the broken bottles crash and roll away from me. So sad so so sad.

But seriously, I have no memory of these chilly temps even though I visited here every winter. Plus, ahem, I'm trying to keep the gas and electric bill reasonable. The words, "hibernate" and "stockpile" come to mind. Cheers!

Nomi Lubin said...

Did the beer freeze instantly as it hit the pavement?

That IS so so sad.

This weather is assaulting. I am unable to give up on the idea of warmth and comfort.

(Wow, I just looked up the average Dec. Nashville temp. You are way below normal right now. Well, I bet you know that. We are below average too, have been all of Dec., but not as much as you are.)