December 08, 2010

New venture underway.....

Until I get the whole shebang up and running, mum's the word, but I wrote my mission statement today, and my byline is stellar. The name of the company and the byline have been in place for a few years, along with the logo and letterhead. I think it's a good time for this and I think I'm in a good location as well. Follow through and product are the key components. I basically need to allow myself time for experimentation and failure trial and error, without getting tweaked about wasting time or antsy that I'm not working on a painting. This would be called time management. Like for instance, it's almost 10PM now. I've had a fairly productive day, but I didn't really get to work-work until around 3pm today.  I get up early, but the morning coffee hour is usually freestyle. A six hour work day is fairly respectable, so I can live with myself. I need to stop waking up to NPR though. The whole economy down the toilet reports and the political climate is really bumming me out. It's hard enough to take during the waking hours, but to have it fed to you through a speaker first thing in the morning while you're still asleep is way too harsh. It's all too 1984. I used to wake up to classical, but there's no classical programming here first thing in the morning.

Yesterday, my neighbor let me fill the trunk of her car with scrap wood, a rusted highchair, a no longer useful Rubbermaid Blue plastic garbage bin and some broken bricks, and she carted me and my refuse over to the residential waste and recycling facility. My front porch is looking almost suburban again. Today, same neighbor asked me if I could repair a broken holiday serving bowl and a chipped china candle holder. No guarantees on the broken holiday serving bowl. A china elf was decapitated and I believe he was missing a key component, like his china neck bone, making his recapitation tenuous at best. The chipped china candle holder was a breeze, though I'm sure a bona fide porcelain restorer would scoff at my method. I filled in the chip with spackle, matched the glaze with some acrylic paint wizardry, and topped it off with a touch of clear nail polish. Imperceptible. I am so good.

I ran today. 2.5 miles. 25 degrees. It's somewhat empowering for the first few minutes to know I'm running in freezing weather instead of sitting inside snacking on a loaf of chocolate babka, which I already devoured within 24 hours of bringing it home. Pace was 10:45.


Carla said...

"follow through and product are the key components." I hear you there. My "work days" are slipping later. I usually try to keep regular work hours M-F. Be dressed by a certain time, etc., but then I still end up dragging it all out until 10 or 11 pm.

This sounds exciting. I look forward to watching you roll it out.

M.A.H. said...

I hate getting dressed. It's such a buzzkill. Sometimes I end up working in my pajamas, but otherwise, I do find that whole getting dressed business aids me in assuming a more professional mentality and jump-starting my day. I will add that to my schedule.