June 11, 2008


Leaving the day after tomorrow for a spell. Ugh. It's hard to stop working, but I've been rather lackadaisical lately knowing I would have to stop for a couple of weeks. I think it will be good to take an official break from my slow death putzing around in the studio. My palette as of late is garish, but in an elementary, I-just-learned-to-paint kind of way. I know I tend to be slightly self-effacing here and I'm trying to catch myself, because honestly, some people believe everything you say, but sometimes I believe it myself. I looked at the painting I worked on today and was numbed by my choice or lack of choice of colors along with almost everything about it. Maybe not numb, more like speechless, which considering I work in the studio by myself, might not be such a bad thing.

I'll be taking my watercolors on holiday and plan on doing some plein air painting in my sketchbook while gone.

The above picture is of Fang stalking around my studio. He looks so much like a wolf in this photo. I heart my dog.

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Steven LaRose said...

I like you, you're funny.

any chance of seeing said garish palette, or rather, the paintings?