June 14, 2008

Greetings from Nashville: a report thus far.

Plane landed. Always a good thing.
I was flanked by some CAA folk (Creative Artists Agency, not the College Art Association.) The only reason I know this is because the guy next to me was making obsessive notes on CAA notepaper, and then tearing the old notes up. The woman in front of me was reading some dreadful script or book synopsis. I only know this because the font was about 22 pica, so I could see it between the seats. The reason I know it was dreadful was because the narrator of the story had some obsession with Dolly Parton which somehow was a diversion from his tormented childhood. I'm alway curious what people do for a living, especially when they toggle around in first class. I'm in first class because I misread the fine print and thought I had to use up all my American miles by December 15.

Walked my mom's dog last night. Otto. He's about the size of a small pony. Fortunately he's a good walker. He ambles. No hurries.
Picked up motorcycle.
It started raining about 10 minutes later. Not a downpour, but still rain. Went to Pancake Pantry for breakfast with mom. Nashville still pretty and very green. Riding in light rain wasn't a problem. Not that I would choose to wake up and go for a ride in the rain, but being caught in the rain seemed okay. I like the weather. For me, the temperature's perfect right now.
More rain. Did yoga with a friend at my old high school. The modern dance instructor from when I was in HS is also a yoga instructor and is temporarily teaching out of the dance room at Harpeth Hall. That was a nice way to start the morning. Afterwards we went to visit another friend who has a lovely collection of plein air paintings from several artists, local and otherwise.

I'm still hoping to meet a couple of more people for lunch and stuff, but right now I'm having coffee and cursing myself for not being on my motorbike because it's now sunny.

My goal for this weekend:
Take the bike out and do some plein air watercolors.
Clean garage.
Pretend to clean garage.
Clear enough space for motorcycle to fit.

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