April 22, 2016

The Short Films of Joseph Bernard

I've been back in town almost a week.

My transition back to civilization has been gentle. More like, lazy, but gentle sound better. In the, it's a small world category, a friend posted a while back about a compilation of some short films by Joseph Bernard that he had been involved in, and the subsequent screening of these films in Nashville at Third Man Record's Light and Sound Machine as part of the Belcourt's pop-up series. (I think I have that in the correct order.)

The short of it was that it was beautiful evening of experimental film. Jeffrey had flown out from LA and was in the audience. I had forgotten about the connection until he was credited with bringing the films to light so to speak. I had a chance to thank Mr. Bernard for the films and I'm still thinking about them and the experience of watching them in silence. The next day I pitched a review but I found myself getting sidetracked by making work in response rather than writing about it and my pitch fell by the wayside.

Which is not really getting sidetracked, is it? More like a reminder to keep making the work and stay focused on what's in front of me. I'm not questioning where the energy and ideas are coming from-just going with the flow.

The turtle and the 2 frogs are still in the pool. All is well in the Universe.

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