April 25, 2016

Residency Flashback, Part II

One of the major benefits of  the residency at Hambidge was the feeling of being cared for and nurtured. In other words, I did not have to cook or clean or tend to yard work for three weeks.  I did sweep my cabin and and do laundry. I straightened up when things got a bit messy, and of course, I helped clean up after dinner, as was expected. We were invited to clear trails one weekend-voluntarily. Most of us politely declined. I remained healthy and only succumbed to the pollen count after being back in Nashville one week.

I have TWO studio visits this week. One is a studio visit in which I am the visitee, and the other in which I will be the visitor. I'm looking forward to both. I need to shoot the new paintings, "officially." I don't think the iPhone counts as an official shooting apparatus but maybe it does. Technology is so accessible now and does anyone really care anymore? I used to, and then one day life seemed so much simpler when I caved and became an apathetic conformist. I'm kidding. Some of you know I am kidding, and some of you may doubt that I am kidding. It's a tough call in today's world.

Meanwhile, enjoy a few unspecified and cryptic stills from the recent video work. And of note, I actually shot several of the videos with the iPhone, and thus I've contradicted my statement above where I seemingly make fun of the iPhone. It's all about skill.....or not.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, 
When first we practise to perceive!

More to follow.

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