April 22, 2016

Residency Life:

In no particular order, some images from Hambidge...

I screened some works after a week, and again the 3rd week. It's been awhile since I've had studio visits and it was good to share thoughts on the new work and hear the response. 
My levels are not blown out in real life.

The Democratic Debate. Only three of us located the secret portal in Mordor where there was rumored to be reliable wifi, and watched it. 


I focused on the videos, but I also painted. I finally channeled Martin Kippenberger on my last night ) and found my rhythm working in a wide range of styles, again. What a relief that was. The videos and the paintings relate and I'd like to show them together for my next solo- the one that's not booked, I don't like to play favorites with the work, but it happens. It's also hard to split focus. Right now it's not, but there will come a time when this laser focus energy burst winds down.

I never left the cabin. Ever. 

A nice luncheon on my last day with a couple of my fellow fellows. Eve shared her stash of arugula with us. 

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