April 20, 2016


I'll never be able to catch up on my writing. Never. This is what happens when you horde your experiences.

I kept a diary of my time at Hambidge. True to form, it reveals my obsession with Amish sea salt fudge, my consistent wake-up time, weather conditions, and various details of residency life in my cabin that could have been written by a spider.

I'm not sure where to go after that last sentence.

It was an incredibly productive three weeks. I'll parse it out in installments. Highlights included meeting a couple of film and video artists whose work I admired (Cecelia Condit, Eve Luckring) and meeting some artists previously unfamiliar to me whose work was also inspiring. I came home with a gluten-free mac and "cheese" recipe, 14 video works I'm arranging and rearranging as part of a larger piece, additional footage for a documentary work, some edits on a video art piece that has been slow going, several paintings, a new work uniform, and a white plastic pony that I've credited as a licensed therapist with significant powers. More on that later.

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