April 26, 2016

How long will she go on and on about that residency?

...Not much longer.

I realized that in my previous post about being nurtured, I forgot to emphasize that the obvious intersection of those conditions- (time, space, food) was the freedom to work (mostly) uninhibited on ideas without overthinking the outcome. Will other artists, a gallery, collectors, art writers, like it? Will it sell, show, last, hang at the correct height, dry, be affordable to transport, glitch? Will it mean anything after I've had time to think about it from every angle making certain my story is airtight? How long before I suck the life out of it asking all these questions? Bonus round: Is the work too light, too funny? Is levity in or out this year?

None of those questions entered my mind for three weeks or almost three weeks. I admit on the last day I thought about all the things as I loaded the car and screened the work for a captive audience one last time.

I went to bed watching the Big Dipper every night. The Twilight Zone effect was unintentional.

Next up: How to remove 2 bullfrogs and a turtle from your swimming pool.

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