June 25, 2013

To Live and Paint in...


I'm 2 months out from 2 shows that will happen concurrently here in Nashville and I am elated to report that I have tied together most of the paintings, almost in spite of myself. So elated that I took a short break from the studio and lolly-gagged most of Monday. Not all of Monday, just most. And part of today. Thanks to listening to the same mashups for like 500 hours, I have completed 8 of 9 painting for one show and can go back to concentrating on the other show. It's been great to work this way, and just about everyday I either curse or congratulate myself on knowing how to paint myself out of a dark and messy corner. I fancy that I'd be a good candidate for a Survivor type show. On the other hand, I'm vowing never to tape my edges or sand my panels to perfection again. 

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