June 18, 2013

Carrion my wayward son.

My friend's daughter told me there was a rotting leg outside my studio window, but there is still some fur on what looks like a tail, so I'm going with what was once a full-grown squirrel, maybe a rabbit. Not sure really. The skull disappeared within the last couple of hours. According to Wikipedia, I'd say it's at the advanced decay stage. I find it a little unsettling that it keeps changing positions, with some help.

Not pictured:


Carla said...

I'm sorry to have missed that. I'll pay more attention next visit.

Mary Addison Hackett said...

It's a few feet from the driveway.

I've upgraded my findings to "fox." but still not sure. Skull resurfaced today along with a long neck vertebrae. "Activity" has died town considerably. I've ruled out domestic pets.

I took a photo, sans "activity."