June 29, 2013

Some days I'm more grateful to make it home than others

People in Tennessee cannot drive. I'll refrain from name-calling.

One of my goals this summer is to:
1. maintain my gold star status from Starbucks.
2. do a sketch each time I get a coffee.

I left the house on my motorcycle wearing a fluorescent orange shirt and a safety vest, and yet- a woman coming from the opposite direction tried to make a left turn in front of me. Fortunately, at the same time I was screaming at the top of my lungs, she stopped and actually made the, you go on motion to me, as if we were at a 4-way stop having a civil no, you go... no, after you mind meld. I was not close to being stopped. I was probably still going 40mph. I had tried to slow down, but, and at this point, it's murky because it was one of those split second things where I simultaneously saw her try to turn in front of me but I also saw her suddenly stopped and already waving. I know it was sudden because her face was near the windshield as though her physical body were making the turn with her car trailing behind. After that, I was paranoid that everyone would be texting or drunk. I continued on my journey but I had second thoughts about taking the 2-lane highway. I made it to my Starbucks destination, had my afternoon Americano, (I'm cutting corners, it's usually a double soy capp) did a sketch, and made it back home. As part of a dedicated practitioner's class, I've been thinking about The Nine Contemplations of Atisha. You could argue that riding a bike raises the odds a bit, but not really. Riding is just another opportunity to practice being present. It's possibly an opportunity to practice not yelling obscenities inside my motorcycle helmet, but that's way down on the list.

And yes, I've leaked a detail of a painting from one of the upcoming shows up there in the background. Surprise.

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