June 26, 2013

Holy crap, no wonder I'm tired.

Okay, so the real reason I'm tired is because I ate soy ice cream with caramel sauce before bed last night and I woke up  a couple hours later with a sugar-induced insomnia and read all the tweets about Wendy Davis's filibuster until I got the one where SB5 was officially pronounced dead after the interwebs caught them cheating.

But also, I might be tired because I was updating my cv and decided to count how many shows I've been in since (temporarily) setting up a studio in Nashville 3 years ago.

22 *

* counting 2 solos this September...

This might be the reason I've had trouble finishing what I came here to do, and why I haven't had much of a social life. 

Come this fall, I'm prioritizing in order to streamline the process. Out with the old.

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